Amazon Fire Device instructions

To activate your IPTV Subscription on ” Amazon Fire Stick / Fire TV ” please follow the below instructions :

After you place the order, you will get an email from us contains a link to download your channels file. after you receive it, click the link, so it downloads the file on your computer.

after you download the file follow the below steps:

1- Open the app ( SmartIPTV ) that you downloaded on your Amazon Fire device, you should get this screen:

Satellite IPTV


2- Get your Device MAC ADDRESS from the SmartIPTV app main screen (seen above) and go to your computer

3- From your Computer / Laptop, go to this website:

4- From the website select (MY LIST)

siptv picture

4- Enter your MAC Address from the application to the MAC address space under (upload local IPTV playlist)

5- Click on Choose file and find the file you downloaded to your computer, then select it,

6- Check the box (save online)

8- Click upload.

9- go to your TV, and click on restart or (reload) so you get channels list on your TV

10- to change the channels list (language or country) select groups at the bottom of the page.

For more instructions visit this web page:

you can also follow the instructions in this video

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