“Black screen fix” If you see a black screen only when you turn the APP on, make sure you are connected to internet by doing the below steps:

1- Click Home button on remote control

2- on the main screen top right you will see 4 icons, check the wifi or the cable icon if it is green.

Connected Wifi

FOR WIFI (if you are using wifi)

Connected EEthernet

For Ethernet (if you are using wire connection)

Make sure the icon is Green, Not white that means internet is connected.

If your internet is connected, then try to reload your receiver by doing the following steps:

1- Make sure internet is connected (most importantly)

2- open the APP IPTV

3- Click menu on the remote control (the button under the power button)


5- Select IPTV 1

6- Click OK

Reffrences :


You should see the line loading the channels again