Why you should not use free IPTV?

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Free IPTV, Many people might be thinking that getting a free instead of paid IPTV Subscription is a good thing, however, they don’t know why they shouldn’t get Free IPTV.

First, let’s talk about what IPTV is, it stands for short for “Internet Protocol television“. The Internet protocol is the same that you have heard in your Internet protocol address. IPTV means that the television is broadcasting and the programming of the live streaming in televisions is being communicated using the same Internet protocol as used by the websites.

To dig deep into the science of IPTV, let me tell you how television without the IPTV services works. The televisions without the IPTV services use a satellite or a cable so that they can receive the signals and the screen could be displayed in front of them.

These televisions do not have a recording device and you cannot record the live broadcasts or see what was going before turning on the television. You can only see what is being telecasted at that exact moment.

IPTV is very different from this. Instead of using the cables, satellites, and fiber optic cables to transmit the signals, the IPTV uses your established internet connection to telecast and broadcast movies, series, television shows, and drama serials, and news channels. It also has the capability to broadcast live.

The amazing feature of the IPTV is that no need to watch what is being telecasted, you can watch what you want. You can use the shift, rewind, repeat, and other features of the IPTV resellers service to see what you like. You can just tell your provider to send you the shows that you want. Moreover, you can even save, repeat, rewind, and fast forward the shows and serial or news.

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There are three different types of IPTV formats. One is the video on demand. If you have used Netflix, there is a 100% that you have already used the video-on-demand format of the IPTV. Movie streaming websites are video on demand providers too. This format of IPTV is very convenient to use. You can just tell your provider to provide you the videos and he will send you them, right away.

The other format of the IPTV is the time-shifted media. Through this format, you can watch your favorite missed shows again. You can tell your provider to shift the time. The provider will shift back the show telecasting time and continue the show from where you had left it.

Then there is the live IPTV format. In this IPTV format, you can watch the live videos and the live telecasting of the news, sports, events, and even television shows.

But, many people tend to use free IPTV or cheap IPTV resellers services. Although, IPTV services allow you to enjoy your leisure time in a more meaningful way but using cheap or free IPTV services can be a very bad idea, and here’s why:



1- Data tracking and detection

Some IPTV subscriptions are for free and there is a high risk that someone can track your data using them.

The whole concept behind the use of VPN was to add anonymity and privacy while you use the internet.

The service protects your data to be tracked by the websites. The problem is that it takes a lot of money to use a VPN service.

The providers may give you the free VPN service but, there is a high risk that your data would be sold to unreliable third parties and you would come across a lot of adverts. A lot of adverts can add up to your VPN problems.

If you are using a VPN to access cheap IPTV or free IPTV subscriptions, you are more likely to come across a lot of adverts.

Moreover, unknown third parties can steal your data using the free IPTV service.


If you are using cheap buy IPTV or unpaid IPTV subscriptions to access the services for streaming, you are creating a security breach in your tablet, phone, or computer. You are inviting the hackers to hack into your data and steal your personal information.

Free IPTV services build internet connections that invite hackers to steal your data. Paid IPTV subscriptions do not have any risk of security breaches. Moreover, there would be no need for you to use VPN services.


A cheap IPTV service can literally slow down your streaming rate. With free IPTV services come to a lot of ads. You will have to go through many ads halfway while watching your favorite show. Unpaid IPTV subscriptions can add disturbance while watching your favorite television shows.


People use the VPN service and the free IPTV services to watch the content that is included in the gray area of the law. VPN services can hide your location but the VPN still needs the first server to start. It needs an IP address and that IP address can be yours too. Moreover, someone else can use your internet bandwidth. Someone else too can access log in from your IP address.


While using the cheap IPTV services, your computer, phone or tablet can install malicious malware. If you have come across some immediate windows opening after clicking a page, then you must have installed malicious malware on your device. It is easy for hackers to track your activity using malicious malware.

The hackers can steal your information, data, credit card details, and can even track your internet activity using malicious malware. They can access your information even if you are offline. This is the most threatening disadvantage of using unpaid IPTV subscriptions. Paid IPTV subscriptions are safe to use and they do not need to sell your data to third parties to make money.

6- Hijacking Internet Connection

Using free IPTV or Cheap IPTV services can even make your internet connection open to hijacking.

It means that someone else can easily use your internet bandwidth with your permission. And, because of the whole VPN process explained earlier, any nefarious or suspicious cyber activities or cybercrime conducted by the other person would directly lead to your IP address.

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Final words

Instead of using free IPTV services, paid IPTV links subscriptions are a much better idea

Since they not only protect your data from third parties but also protect your device from hackers.

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