Amazon devices IPTV instructions

Are you tired of looking for Amazon devices IPTV instructions? in this article we are going to discuss the easiest methods to do so

To activate your IPTV Subscription on ” Amazon Fire Stick / Fire TV ” please follow the below instructions :

After you place the order, you will get an email from us contains a link to download your channels file. after you receive it, click the link, so it downloads the file on your computer.

after you download the file follow the below steps:

1- Open the app ( SmartIPTV ) that you downloaded on your Amazon Fire device, you should get this screen:

Satellite IPTV


2- Get your Device MAC ADDRESS from the SmartIPTV app main screen (seen above) and go to your computer

3- From your Computer / Laptop, go to this website:

4- From the website select (MY LIST)

siptv picture

4- Enter your MAC Address from the application to the MAC address space under (upload local IPTV playlist)

5- Click on Choose file and find the file you downloaded to your computer, then select it,

6- Check the box (save online)

8- Click upload.

9- go to your TV, and click on restart or (reload) so you get channels list on your TV

10- to change the channels list (language or country) select groups at the bottom of the page.

For more instructions visit this web page:

you can also follow the instructions in this video

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