Buy IPTV with Bitcoin

Buying IPTV subscriptions can be more useful than purchasing an ordinary cable TV connection or a satellite TV one. That’s because you will be provided the chance to enjoy some impressive content on your own. You can enjoy content at the comfort of your home. However, we often see people encountering troubles when they are about to make payments for their IPTV service that’s why it’s always better to buy IPTV with Bitcoin.

For example, you would not want to use your credit card for making a payment to a new IPTV connection as it can be tracked. This is where you will need to think about purchasing the new IPTV connection by making a payment in the form of Bitcoin. Continue to read and we will provide a better understanding to you about the process of purchasing IPTV subscriptions by making a payment via Bitcoin.

What exactly is Bitcoin?

The future of currencies will be cryptocurrencies. You will be able to see how cryptocurrencies play a major role behind the way how people make transactions in the future. When you take a quick look at the cryptocurrencies available, you will notice how Bitcoin is holding a prominent place out of them. it is the leading cryptocurrency out of all.

There are some unique features associated with Bitcoin, and those features make it the most perfect method to make a payment to your  IPTV subscription. For example, Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. There is no governing body behind Bitcoin. On the other hand, you will be able to buy Bitcoin and do transactions with Bitcoin while remaining anonymous.

History of Bitcoin

Before you buy Bitcoin, it is better if you can have a basic understanding about the history of it as well. Bitcoin is a currency that was created back in the year 2009. Satoshi Nakamoto is the founder of Bitcoin. The main objective of the creator has been to introduce a digital cash to the world. Along with Bitcoin, he was able to introduce a whole new community as well. The popularity of Bitcoin as a digital cash increased along with time. As of now, people all around the world tend to use Bitcoin for making their payments.

What makes Bitcoin unique?

When you compare Bitcoin with the other payment methods, you will notice how unique it is. Here are some of the most prominent factors that make Bitcoin unique.

  • Bitcoin delivers excellent fraud protection to you
  • Transaction fees and other expenses associated with Bitcoin are low
  • You will be able to keep your credit card information safe while using Bitcoin. This will help you to stay away from becoming a victim of identity theft
  • Bitcoin will provide you with access to new markets. For example, you will be able to gain access to M-PESA system along with Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin delivers immediate settlement for the direct transfers in an effective manner.

Are there any drawbacks with Bitcoin?

Along with benefits, you should also understand that there are some drawbacks associated with Bitcoin as well. in fact, most people tend to use the unique features of Bitcoin for fraudulent activities. For example, we can see how some people tend to use Bitcoin for illegal activities such as money laundering. It would be possible for such people to remain anonymous as they use Bitcoin for such fraudulent activities.

Bitcoin is one of the most dynamic currencies out there. In other words, the price associated with Bitcoin changes so fast. This is something that you should keep in mind as you continue to use Bitcoin. The price you spend to buy Bitcoin would completely change within a matter of few hours. In some instances, this price change can benefit you. However, it can lead you to struggles in certain other instances as well.

People are not putting numerous regulations on Bitcoin and transactions that take place with it. This is something that you should keep in your mind as well. Some of these regulations can put you at risk of losing your money. Hence, you should be extra careful as you use Bitcoin for transactions specially with IPTV.

How to purchase your IPTV subscription with Bitcoin?

With the basic understanding of Bitcoin, you have in mind, you can also explore how to purchase a new IPTV subscription with it. It is possible for you to make a payment using Bitcoin as you would do an ordinary payment. For example, you will be able to send Bitcoin from your wallet to the wallet of another person. By making a payment like this, you can go ahead and purchase your new IPTV subscription as well.

Most IPTV providers accept Bitcoin. That’s because it can provide extra protection to them. For example, the payments that are done with Bitcoin would not be traced anywhere. Hence, the IPTV sellers will be able to continue to offer Bitcoin as a payment method and remain anonymous when obtaining services that are offered.

Since Bitcoin is gaining attention as a popular payment option, most IPTV sellers out there tend to use it as a payment method. You will just need to set up your Bitcoin wallet and load it with some Bitcoins. You can buy Bitcoins from one of the Bitcoin exchanges out there. Binance and are perfect example for such a Bitcoin exchange. You need to make the payment using credit card or bank transfer to buy Bitcoin. Then you can use the Bitcoin you have to make a payment to the IPTV provider. You will also be able to take a look at the Bitcoin ATMs available in your area for purchasing Bitcoin you want.

Before you make the payment, you should double check with the IPTV reseller and confirm the Bitcoin wallet ID. Then you should be sending Bitcoin payment to the IPTV seller. The payment would usually take place instantly. Then you can get the IPTV subscription to your mail. This process is simple and convenient. Hence, you don’t have to worry too much before you go ahead with it.

Steps to buy Bitcoin

If you are a complete beginner to cryptocurrencies, you will need some guidance to proceed with purchasing Bitcoin as well. You don’t need to be too technical to buy Bitcoin. In fact, you can go through a simple process and purchase Bitcoin you want. Let’s take a quick look at the steps that you should follow for the purchase of Bitcoin.

  • Look for a Bitcoin exchange

There are numerous methods available for you to buy Bitcoin. Out of those different methods, the most effective method would be to buy Bitcoin from a Bitcoin exchange. Even when you start looking for a Bitcoin exchange, you will come across multiple service providers. You should go through those service providers and locate the best Bitcoin exchange out of them. By going through customer reviews, it would be possible for you to learn more about the exchange. Then you can pick a recommended Bitcoin exchange to buy the Bitcoins you want.

  • Create an account

Upon locating a Bitcoin exchange, you should create your account on it. There is no need to enter a lot of information. Uploading some basic information about you would be more than enough. You can create the account within a Bitcoin exchange within a couple of minutes. If you selected a reputed Bitcoin exchange, you don’t have to worry too much about sharing your personal information with it as well.

  • Verify your identity

Before you can buy Bitcoin, you will need to verify your identity. You should upload a photo of your passport, driving license, or the ID. Then you will need to take a picture of you as well. The information you enter will be used to verify your identity on the Bitcoin exchange platform. Then you will be able to continue to buy Bitcoin.

  • Buy Bitcoin

Upon confirming identity, you should buy Bitcoin. You can pick the number of Bitcoins that you want to buy. It is possible for you to buy even a small amount of Bitcoin. You can see the amount that you have to pay in dollars to buy the desired amount of Bitcoin. Upon selecting the amount of Bitcoin, you can continue with the purchase. This will provide you the chance to get new Bitcoin to the account.

Now you have Bitcoins in your wallet. Hence, you can enter the wallet ID of the Bitcoin seller and send the required amount of Bitcoin to purchase the new IPTV account. This is a quick and a highly effective method available for anyone to buy a new IPTV subscription.

Can you operate as an IPTV reseller and accept Bitcoins?

Yes, you can operate as an IPTV reseller and accept payments in the form of Bitcoin as well. You should set up a Bitcoin wallet for that. Any compatible exchange can help you to set up the Bitcoin wallet. Once you set up the Bitcoin wallet, you can share that with the people who are willing to pay for new IPTV subscriptions through Bitcoin. You can get their payments to the Bitcoin wallet. Then you can convert them into fiat currency at a later stage.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a safe and an effective method to buy IPTV, you should be doing it with Bitcoin. Go through these steps and make sure that you proceed with the purchase of your new IPTV link. Then you can expect to receive all amazing benefits that come along with it.

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