Is IPTV Stable?

Is IPTV stable? It’s one of the most asked questions by anyone who wants to get an IPTV Subscription.

Therefore, let’s first define Internet Protocol TV? Known as “IPTV”, it is a system based on IPTV provision over computer networks, often operating using broadband Internet. The main difference between IPTV and traditional television systems is that IPTV uses computer networks instead of conventional transmission methods to deliver visual material to the viewer.

IPTV is different from an Internet TV system where the first uses separate private networks (such as LANs) while Internet TV works on the Internet.

IPTV is often used to provide access to watching Live TV Channels & VOD

(Video on Demand) with VoIP and Internet access in triple play IPTV.

IPTV Technology

Is the acronym for Internet TV protocol? So basically, the technology recognizes the video or television that can be transmitted over the Internet. The TV is connected directly to the broadband Internet router instead of receiving video or television during broadcast waves, cable lines, or satellite TV service. It receives digital signals directly over the Internet.

Many analysts say that IPTV is undoubtedly the new trend for the future of television broadcasting. Many broadband operators, telephone, and cable companies say they can easily add this service.

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Stable IPTV Features

Many current digital (IPTV) or over-the-air (IPTV) features for broadcasting television signals.

Here are some of them.

1- Integration

Integration can be an excellent way for many companies to offer many services in one integrated packageFor example,

Internet providers DSL or FIBER can easily add IPTV service to some of them in the United States for free with a new Internet subscription. Unfortunately, in Saudi ArabiaEnvision provides the services from Saudi Telecom (STC)

Service providers via mobile chipset.

Yes, the fourth generation (4Gtechnology enables you to broadcast audio and video and IPTV links to watch the channels, movies, series, and TV programs through your mobile. Still, unfortunately, the service is not free again, and I do not know why the service provider such as Mobily put a very few channels do not exceed Twenty tv channels! Although it can re-broadcast total satellite channels!

2- Interaction

Interaction is much easier with IPTV for higher than average performance over satellite.

There will undoubtedly be many innovations on how best to interact with consumers and television companies.

Some interactive TV methods are already used to buy IPTV products directly from the TV, Such as buying a device from Amazon or even ordering pizza. Imagine with me the ad comes and that you like the click of a button you can dial immediately.

Another way that interactive TV Subscriptions can be used is when someone asks for more information from a TV on a program and is watching statistics while watching baseball. In addition, there are many ways that people can vote or survey while watching their favourite TV. This is just a drop of a sea of potential that IPTV can achieve.

3- Usability

Not just a smart TV that can run IPTV, but all other computers in your home, cell phone, iPad, and smart device, giving you more freedom when watching the channel or program you want, when you want, and how you want.

4- Video On Demand (VOD)

Video on Demand (VOD) is an interactive feature that allows you to request programs such as movies, television programs, and what you see fit. For example, you may want to watch boxing on a private HBO that has already been signed. More examples of this service are Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

A few years ago, we could only reach that by being recorded on a VCR or DVR. Today, you can quickly request programs you want to watch over IPTV.

5- Better comparison and analysis

Stable IPTV produces  HD images and even instant ones and lots of options like interactive programming, networking, integration, etc., but it can also provide better images due to compression. IPTV uses the current digital TV standard (FTA). This means that it is not limited to file sizes.


While the advantages of IPTV outweigh the disadvantages, there are a couple of drawbacks that you should be familiar with.

We will mention them below. Although, most people do not encounter these.

1- Loss of signal

IPTV uses the same Internet that you have; there can be hacking, delay, or signal loss, all on your Internet’s quality.

As we talked about earlier, It conveys your voice and image over the Internet, so it does not need an air dish but needs high-speed Internet, which opens many Arabic channels encrypted and unencrypted on Nilesat, the virtual sports channels and international movies translated and various channels News and other Arab and foreign packages and film libraries.

2- Having a High-Speed Internet Connection

It does not need an aerial dish because it brings voice and images from the Internet and does not need the signal.

Therefore, it opens the Egyptian and Arab channels in any country globally.

You can take the receiver with you to any country globally and watch the Egyptian and Arabic channels.

Channels have their list inside the playlist and do not work with the regular channel list in the receiver.

It does not require a receiver, and it works on the screen Smart, Android, Tablet, PC, and Lap Top.

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The answers to the frequently asked question” Is IPTV stable?” depend on many vital variables.

1- The IPTV Provider you get your IPTV Subscriptions if the provider has high-quality IPTV servers, including streaming Sourcesand large bandwidth; this means a Stable IPTV subscription.

2- You also need to choose a trusted IPTV provider to ensure that your IPTV reseller Subscription will last you the entire period.

Here on Satellite IPTV, We provide Cheap IPTV subscriptions and different IPTV Packages to ensure you have what you are looking for.

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