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Resellers Panel – Pink Package

5 – 75 x  Yearly Subscriptions

IF you are interested to become a Reseller

This is your opportunity to become one !

Start making money now



you are able to create 2 days free trials

with your credit points you can create 1 Month subscription, 3 Months subscription, 6 Months subscription and 1 Year Subscriptions

1 Month subscription = 6 Credit Points  ( 6 CP )

3 Months subscription = 15 Credit Points  ( 15 CP )

6 Months subscription = 25 Credit Points ( 25 CP )

1 Year subscription  =    45 Credit Points ( 45 CP )

you can create subscriptions to work on :

Smart TVs (Samsung and LG) — MAG BOX — PC Computer — IOS devices

Android devices — Firestick — Fire TV — Nvidia Shield — Dreamlink , AVOV


Australia, Argentina, Greece, 24/7, Afghanistan, Austria, Africa, Albania
Armenia, Arabic, Bangla, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Caribbean
Colombia, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, EX-YU
Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Kurdistan, Korea, Indonesia
Iran, India, Israel, Italy, Latin America, Lithuania, Malta, Macedonia
Malaysia, Peru, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland
Portugal, Pakistan, Russia, Romania, Sweden, Swiss, Spain, Singapore
Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Viet Nam, VIP

VOD Categories

Portugal, Series, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Poland, Sweden, Multiple Sub, Netherlands, 3D, India, Albania, Germany, English, France

  • This Package is highly recommended for Latino, Africa, USA, UK, Canada, Greece, Africa

Additional information

Credit Points

5 x Yearly Subscriptions (225 Credit Points), 10.5 x Yearly Subscriptions (472.5 Credit Points), 22 x Yearly Subscriptions (990 Credit Points), 46 x Yearly Subscriptions (2277 Credit Points), 75 x Yearly Subscriptions (3375 Credit Points)


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