Watch IPTV on Apple Device

There are different ways to watch IPTV on Apple devices. We are going to discuss some of the best and most straightforward ways.


iPlayTV is one of the most popular IPTV apps for Apple Devices, especially Apple TVs. It allows you to either play m3u links or Xtream Codes API.

Below are the iPlayTV installation steps:

  1. Download iPlayTV from the AppStore.
  2. Launch the App
  3. Click “Add Playlist +.”
  4. Insert any name, your unique m3u URL (we will be giving it to you when you purchase an IPTV subscription from us), and your EPG URL (optional)
  5. Click the playlist name which you added.
  6. Live TV, Movies, and TV shows included in your IPTV service will appear.
  7. Start watching your favorite content.

Certainly, this is one of the best ways to watch IPTV on Apple Device

IPTV-Smarters Player

IPTV-Smarters Player is also one of the most popular Apps for IPTV. Unlike iPlayTV, it’s also available for Android Devices and Smart TVs (Samsung & LG)

Below are the IPTV-Smarters Player installation steps:

  1. Download IPTV-Smarters Player from the Appstore.
  2. Launch the app
  3. Choose Xtream Codes API
  4. Insert any playlist name, your username, password, and URL
  5. Click on add playlist
  6. Choose the Playlist Name you added
  7. Please wait for the Live TV, Movies, and TV Shows to load
  8. Finally, you are now able to watch IPTV on Apple Device
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