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To activate your membership for Smart IPTV, you will need a laptop or PC, and an internet connection.

Upon placing the order, an email will be sent to the email you provided.

The email will contain a link to download your channels file.

Click the link to download the file onto your computer.

When the download has completed, follow the steps below:

1-Open the IPTV channels application that you downloaded. You should see the screen as shown below:

Satellite IPTV

Satellite IPTV

2-Copy your device MAC ADDRESS from the main screen.

3-From your laptop or PC, go to: “ “On the website, select “My List.”

siptv picture

4-Enter the MAC ADDRESS you copied earlier to the MAC address space under “upload local IPTV playlist.”

5- Click on “choose file.”

6- Find and select the IPTV application you downloaded to your computer.Tick the checkbox “save online.”

7-Select your country (if your country is not available, select the closest country to you)

8- Click “send”.

9- Go to your IPTV application, and restart or reload to get the channels list

10- To change the language or country on the channels list, select the groups at the bottom of the page.

For more instructions, visit


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