What is Net IPTV?

Are you interested in watching IPTV in your smart TV? Then Net IPTV is the perfect solution available out there to consider. Continue to read and we will share more details with you on what Net IPTV is all about. Then you can make a decision whether to get it or not.

What is Net IPTV?

Net IPTV is a digital television service, which will deliver standard television programs to the subscribers over an IP. Therefore, you may think about calling it as an IPTV app. The functionality of Net IPTV is quite different from cable TV subscription. It will store all the content in the server of the service provider. Information will be delivered to the users upon request. This will ensure that you are provided the chance to view the content in highest quality. Moreover, you will not have to worry too much about lagging or buffering issues as well. You will also be able to upload your IPTV subscription playlist and stream content from it. This will deliver an effortless television content streaming experience to you in the long run.

What are the features of Net IPTV?

Before getting your hands on Net IPTV, it is worth to understand the features associated with it. Here are some of the most prominent features that you can find.

  • You can upload your own playlist

It is possible for you to search for the best IPTV service, subscribe with them and stream your m3u playlist on Net IPTV. That’s because it allows you to upload your own M3U playlist. This will enhance the IPTV viewing opportunities that you have on this app.

  • You can access multiple playlists

You will also be able to access multiple playlists when you are streaming IPTV content on Net IPTV. At a single time, you will be able to switch in between different playlists. Hence, Net IPTV is an app that will assist you to stick to multiple IPTV service providers at a time.

  • You can add your favorite channel

It is possible for you to add your favorite channel to Net IPTV and proceed as well. Whenever you come across the need to enjoy content in your favorite channel, all you have to do is to switch to it.

  • You can find a great universal search

Net IPTV offers an excellent universal search functionality as well. By getting the most out of this feature, you will be able to proceed with looking for new channels and new content. In other words, it will be possible for you to look around for content without having to worry too much about anything.

  • You can change the language and subtitles

People from all around the world will be able to start using Net IPTV as well. That’s because it supports numerous languages. You will be able to easily switch the subtitles that are available in the live stream. This will deliver a hassle-free video streaming experience to you, regardless of where you are.

What are the subscription plans of Net IPTV?

There are two main subscription plans available for you to consider. They include:

  • 24-month plan at €5.76
  • Unlimited plan at €13.79

You can go through both these plans and pick the best one out of them. No matter what plan you buy, you can experience all the great features that Net IPTV can offer to you.

How to sign up?

If you are impressed by the features that the app provides, you may go ahead and sign up with it. Here’s an overview of the steps that you will need to follow in order to sign up and to start using it.

  • You should first visit the website by clicking here.
  • Now you will be able to see the terms and conditions. You may accept the terms and conditions to proceed.
  • Now you need to provide an email address. Along with that, you should also provide the MAC address. If you have more than one device, you should enter the MAC addresses of all devices.
  • Enter the captcha.
  • Make the payment and sign up.

Follow the above steps to subscribe and create your account. Then you can enjoy all the great features offered with it.

It’s worth to mention that you will need to find IPTV provider to get your subscription and use it on the app, and we highly recommend that you always buy IPTV subscriptions with Bitcoin

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